Search in XML file using C#, ASP.Net /loop through XML C#

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Search in XML file using C#, ASP.Net /loop through XML C#

Postby David on 14 Jul 2008 05:18

Traverse through xml nodes in C# asp.net, search xml nodes by passing node values
Search in XML file using C# ASP.Net/ loop through XML nodes using C#

This example use to find out the name and pin of a particular employee ...by passing empcode as parameter
String Name;
int pin;
public void fillfromXML(string Code)
XmlNodeList addlst = doc.SelectNodes("Address/add/Empcode");
foreach (XmlNode Empcode in addlst)
if (Empcode.InnerText == Code)
string Name = Empcode.ParentNode.ChildNodes[2].InnerText;
int pin = Convert.ToInt32(Empcode.ParentNode.ChildNodes[3].InnerText);

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